Is Disciple Electric right for you?

My name is Jonathan A. Guin, and I am pursuing a discipleship of Jesus Christ every day. I'm far from perfect but I use my spirituality and relationship with God as a compass that I try to look at several times a day. I have a loving family and we enjoy being Wilson County Tennesseans!

I am a second generation electrician who spent the first five years of my career here in Nashville working and learning under my father, older brother, and a friend of ours who started his own company back in 2001. There is something to be said about learning from family members. At the same time I met the love of my life that happened to be here, from New Orleans, on a singing journey. With a ring on her finger and the great disaster, Hurricane Katrina, we set out to get married and help rebuild.

New Orleans, at this time, provided a great opportunity to learn all aspects of the electrical craft. I started out rewiring flooded homes and businesses. I quickly moved up to providing Service Call expertise for AllStar Electric, the largest contractor in the state whom had the greatest clientele and service contracts available. I also assisted in supervising several high end commercial builds for them. From building out of the ground to renovating historical buildings, I created a name for myself as a reliable electrician.

The opportunity then arose to expand into the Industrial maintenance field. Louisiana is known for its industrial nature. From the shipping ports to the chemical and crude manufacturing or the metal making and oil fields, there is a lot of process control going on in south Louisiana. My industrial run was at Bayou Steel in Laplace LA. We made about 200 thousand metric tons of structural steel products each year. I spent four years there leading in the meltshop, which is a recycling unit that takes scrap steel and uses 80,000 amps to melt it into liquid which we then casted into new bars called billets. This was a very rewarding job for an electrician, with opportunities to learn electrical theory well beyond what you might encounter by building a project based on a set of drawings. I learned to be proficient with voltage systems of 230kV to +-5V and everything in between. I also learned to be very reliable at maintaining and troubleshooting our automation and controls, instrumentation, large motor and control systems, overhead traversing hot metal cranes, and other heavy metal equipment. I have always aspired to be very competent by enrolling & graduating from several certified courses relating to Automation, Motor Controls, & Specialized Equipment services.

Then I woke up one morning and things were happening that I was not planning. I prayed for several weeks, wanting to be sure of what our Father wanted me to do. God was calling me home to Tennessee to spend time with my dad in his late years. He reminded me of my lifelong dream of providing electrical services to the community and encouraged me to start Disciple Electric. I hold devotion every morning and pray several times a day to have God's will in my life and for me to bring God's will to others. This is the best I can tell you and I hope that Disciple Electric is right for you! I can assure you that our work has two aspects of priority, to provide safe supply of electrical energy to you and to be done to your liking. We take pleasure in being your provider of world class electrical services. Let us prove it to you.

Sincerely, Jonathan A. Guin