Electric Vehicle Charging

As you may have read, Disciple Electric serves middle Tennessee, where the classic and Hot Rod car culture is alive and well. But let me ask you, have you seen the videos of the most popular electric vehicles stomping the quickest “gassers” at the drag strip? It’s enough to make the muscle car enthusiast cry, but when he’s done; he wants an Electric Vehicle too.

If this thing is your new age hot rod, your grocery getter, or just your eco saver; you still gotta recharge.

Your electric vehicle is equipped with an onboard charging system. It plugs into a standard wall outlet. The only problem with it is that your batteries gain about 4 miles of distance per hour of charge. That’s not very impressive. If you are serious about your electric vehicle, you at least have to get a Level 2 charger or an “EVSE” short for Electric Vehicle Service Equipment. Now you’re getting from 11 to 58 miles per charging hour. Still, your best option is the Level 3 & 4 Superchargers, adding from 75 to 170 miles in just 30 minutes. Your auto dealer will recommend what charging solution is best for you.

So... Like we asked before, where do you get your Juice?
Disciple Electric can answer that question for you.
“Where ever you want it!”

We have the experience to integrate electrical systems of all types, and keeping up with the needs of the future is what sets Disciple Electric apart from other companies. After getting the charging specifics from your dealer call us. We will spend time with you explaining the benefits of these chargers so that you can prolong and future proof your eco savings.

If you are a business owner and want to incorporate this luxury for you clients and employees, then you will be on the cutting edge of industry. One day soon, your advertising and recruiting could be drawing in the innovative and future observant types who will be servicing our world to come.